City State Of The Invincible Overlord

A job well done?

The party sets out for the stream to make sure there are no trees lying across the stream. They reach the stream to find several trees lying across stream. They began to move the trees that fallen across the stream. Jal Woodwalker speaks with a bird to go up and down the river looking for anything along the stream. The party finishes moving the trees and decide to go up the stream and move the tree that the party cut down to cross the stream. They get back to the tree they cut down and move it. The bird comes back and tells Jal Woodwalker that there is broken dam to the south that leads into a swamp. The party travels south trying to find the dam and fix it and hopefully raise the stream. The party reaches the dam around midday and begin to rebuild it, by late afternoon they have rebuilt and stream begin to pool up. The party leaves and heads up stream to camp. They spend the night and in the morning notice the stream has backed up further north. The party spends next 2 days patroling the stream watching for ants trying to cross the stream. They return to the dam to check on it, then return to the compound to tell Jerimon the white what they did and to see if he needs anything else done. Jerimon the white thanks the party and gives each of the party a bag of 60 gold pieces. They ask Thougar StoneBreaker if was leaving. He replies that he is staying for at least one more week to make sure everything was alright and he would meet the party in City State in a week. Later that night Nosgar Stonebreaker approaches Beronar Odinson for some alcohol. They Thougar StoneBreaker begin to drink togther, Frogar Tunk went to find Thougar StoneBreaker. Attilan cast a sleep spell putting everyone asleep. Frogar Tunk came back with Thougar StoneBreaker to find them asleep grabbing the flask and Nosgar Stonebreaker and leaves. The next morning Beronar Odinson wakes wondering what happen and where his flask went? Frogar Tunk tells him that Thougar StoneBreaker took it. Beronar Odinson goes in asks Thougar StoneBreaker where is his flask is at. Thougar StoneBreaker throws it on floor and looks at him not saying anything. Lloyd Skytear is out talking to zeke the goblin, greb,neb trying to get the goblins to leave with him. After some arguing between zeke the goblin and other two goblins. zeke the goblin decides to go with Lloyd Skytear. Lloyd Skytear gives the other two goblins three gold pieces and tells them that party is going to City State if they would like to follow. The party makes it back to City State by nightfall. The guard at the gate tells party goblins aren’t allowed in City State after dark. zeke the goblin speaks up and telling the guard that he is free goblin and show the tatto scar of the word free on left upper arm. The guard shake his head at the goblin and tells them to go into city. The party makes it way through town to the Square of the Gods to visit the Temple of Odin. Beronar Odinson and some the party to talk with the priest. While standing outside Frogar Tunk notices that [[ temple of harmikas is having a servicce and decides to go inside. Once inside a priest ask if he is he worship or take part in the service. Frogar Tunk tells the priest that wants to worship. The priest hands him dark red robe and a white face mask then show him in to the temple. Inside temple Frogar Tunk sees a priest in black robes with gold trim holding gold dagger standing over another person in dark red robes and white mask. Behind them is large winged figure. The temple begins to fill with a chantand the priest raises the dagger then stabs the person in the chest then draws back. The winged figure steps forward, Frogar Tunk notice that it is some type devil. It begins to feed on the person. The chant continues to grow then stop as the devil leaves with the sacrfice. The crowd begans to leave hanging the robes and masks back up. Frogar Tunk asks if he can keep the robes. The preist replies ” no, they must stay here”. Frogar Tunk returns to the party and heads for the Green Goblin. Upon entering the bar the few party notices a man watching Beronar Odinson then he leaves rather quickly. Frogar Tunk ask the party he would like to see them in private, so they headed up to his room. Frogar Tunk tells them what he saw during the ceremony and the devil that was inside temple. The next morning a man approaches Beronar Odinson and hands him a note and leaves. Beronar Odinson reads the note “please come and meet me at the Red Axe Inn Thajzi the orc-slayer”. The party goes over Red Axe Inn. Beronar Odinson goes over to Thajzi the orc-slayer. Thajzi the orc-slayer asks Beronar Odinson if he is a priest of odin. Beronar Odinson answers yes and shows him the holy symbol of odin. Thajzi the orc-slayer says to him “I will give 2 sp per head of an orc. There are Orcs of the purple claw outside of CITY STATE they killed my family”. Beronar Odinson says that he will accept his proposal then leaves to get equipment. The party returns Green Goblin and decides what to do.



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