City State Of The Invincible Overlord

Dear Journal....

Today we went back into a crypt of some old elf thing that we passed by earlier in the week. We go in and the first thing we do is go and bust up some skeletons while the elf druid goes and feels up some statues. The tomb they were at was empty which sucks. Next we go down this other passage and find a tomb with old elf writing seems intresting cuz nobody can read it. As i’m jotting it down the guys in front start fighting some zombie thing. Finally the kill it but seconds later it gets up. This thing drops Beronar so I go in and drag him out as the others take it on. They kill it again but again it gets up and this time a strange sense of doom overwhelms me so I book it. Later I come to my senses in the forest and see Beronar running toward me in the same sort of hystarical state I was in moments before. So thinking it funnier to trip him to get him to stop a take out my ten foot pole. Little do I realize that he is running straight toward a tree,(who runs toward a tree). Next thing I know I trip him and he face plants pretty bad into the tree. He comes to and is pissed. So as we’re walking back to camp he’s all yelling and grumpy. Then we get back to camp and find the wizard trying to steal Beronars horse and cart as the gay druid is freaking out crying about how the group is expolding or something and how everyone is going to start killing each other. Thats pretty much it now we’re sitting at camp tending to are wounds, Beronars all grumpy sitting in his cart. Now we’re waiting to go back to town in the morning.


You lucky you saved me in the tomb or I would have killed you for making me slam into a tree, Ha Ha Ha.

-Beronar Odinson

Dear Journal....

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