City State Of The Invincible Overlord

Just Some Thoughts...

I really hope none of my companions dies of stupidity for I have seen it often plagueing adventures who believe themselves to be special or “more than human”. Some of them believe that they can take on an orc let alone two by themselves without a plan and survive to tell the tale. Many come to me and ask me to steal or do extrodinary things thinking that I am a master thief or something, but im not i am but a poorly skilled assasin I am no where near powerful. I would like some of my companions to be a little smarter but that does not mean they are all bad. The druid has a way to talk with nature which has come in handy with are past dealings so far. The half orc seems to be a powerful brute but is also smart when it comes to forming plans. The bard has climbed a tree…. well i’ll leave it at that. The magic user has produced some fine spells but seems to not fully understand there uses or stratagies. The necromancer is… I dont really remember what he has done… or is it a she? The cleric is very useful when he is around us for the weak and the dumb seem to be getting hurt all the time, hence why i am upset with all this smash before thinking. Then we have the ranger. He seems very strange, almost like he is bi-polar. At first he seems like he does not care what his actions do then turns around and helps people, then turns around and trys to use a goblin as somesort of slave. Lastly we have the kensi or whatever he is I am still not sure what he is but he seems like he wants to fight something and kill it but I cant wait till the day he goes running into a battle and kills himself all because he thinks he is some almighty warrior. Strange is this band of misfits that I am apart of but in time I hope we form a group worthy of adventuring even if that means that I have to weed out the dumb ones myself… well that is if they dont kill themselves first.


Beautiful, just beautiful and well put Frogar.

-Beronar O.

Just Some Thoughts...

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