City State Of The Invincible Overlord

Lifes not easy being orc well half-orc.

The party wanders about the city looking for adventure in several bars and inns before finding their way into the Mindwarp Ale House. The City State best brewer of ale. Many dwarves find their way here only to leave moneyless and brainless for many days. A few party members indulge in the ale and find themselves drunk after one mug of ale.Frogar spys a fellow dwarf which motions him over calling him “Thougar StoneBreaker brother, did wee getth thhe job ”.Frogardecide to distracts him with his skills and steals from him. He then questions to find where Thougar StoneBreaker is staying. He then tells him the Green Goblin Inn before passing out and falling to the floor. Frogar returns to the party to tell the about what has found out. Corvina also tell the party of here of rumor of man dressed in white looking to hire men-at-arm over at the Red Axe Inn (Beronar Odinson was told not come in here again by Thajzi the orc-slayer. After visiting here before with the party, as you will see half-orcs aren’t always the brightess but sometimes will have moments of genius. The party ventures in to the Red Axe Inn to see no one fitting the description of man in white.Thajzi the orc-slayer seesBeronar Odinson and approaches with a few henchmen,tells him to leave or else. They escort him outside Corvina snickers in the background. While outside the Beronar Odinson tells Thajzi the orc-slayer that his cousin Corvina also has orc blood in him. Thajzi the orc-slayer storms back in,Corvina seeing him coming after him attempts to charm him but fails and he is also thrown out of the inn (Karmic justice or just a bad magic-user? will see.)



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