City State Of The Invincible Overlord

Nosgar the bald dwarf

Thougar StoneBreaker tells the party to wait in the Slave Market Plaza he’ll be back with his brother. Beronar Odinson seeing the slave market felt that this was wrong so he bought a slave Meldon adept of Odin. After receiving him from the slavers Beronar Odinson freed Meldon adept of Odin. Meldon adept of Odin said “thank you master” and stood their in his rags waiting to for Beronar Odinson to tell him what to do. The Kensai and Lloyd Skytear seeing this also wanted by a slaves, so they sought a slaver to buy a slave which didn’t work out. They decide to try to find out some information about the Overlord and the secret police Black Lotus. After gaining this information they left the slave market and headed to the governament building to find a job with the Black Lotus. They got a taste of City State governament run around and then finally get told to report to the sheriffs office to become deputies the next morning. Thougar StoneBreaker returns with a chain around a blad naked dwarf Nosgar Stonebreaker. Thougar StoneBreaker tells the party that he headed back to the Green Goblin. Beronar Odinson with Frogar Tunk leave the Slave Market headed to the Square of the Gods to find the Temple Of Odin. Beronar Odinson takes Meldon adept of Odin into Temple Of Odin and ask the priest to take care of him and teach him the ways of Odin and leaves headed back to the Green Goblin with Frogar Tunk who had checked out the other temples. That night everyone meets at the Green Goblin and talk to Thougar StoneBreaker to find out what they are going to do the next day. The next morning they leave City State headed to the Estate of Jerimon the white.



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