City State Of The Invincible Overlord


Still pissed about not getting that poison from that carrion crawler. Why the heck didn’t anyone think of bringing them with us on the cart, i’m sure they would have fetched for a far price. I would have told them if i wasn’t paralized. Oh and those dicks don’t realize that I was paralized not brain dead I can still hear. To think that they wanted to leave me behind when I didn’t do anything wrong, jerks. Back to the poison, tried asking indirectly around town trying not to bring attention to the types of deeds I do even though this town seems shady. I make a mistake and bring the necromancer with me and right of the bat the moron blows my cover. Later I find an alchemist with no luck on poisons but now I have a list of stuff he wants. Hopefully i’ll have better luck next time i’m in town.



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