City State Of The Invincible Overlord

Some More Thoughts...

Are bard has died in battle today for his wounds where to deep no matter how hard we tried. I prefer for people to not have to suffer so, a quick death is a better one if you ask me. The group thinks I am a cruel and evil person because I kill for money. Be that as it may I am not all evil I dont do evil things for kicks. Sure I’ll go into an “evil” temple or what not but not so I can praise some demon, I did it for the paladin who was curious yet he still treats me as if I cast down small children and puppies if they look at me wrong. Who is crueler, me for wanting to kill the orc after getting what I thiought was all the information right away. Or making him suffer dragging him around for days on end making him watch us kill his orc bretheren in front of him all the while knowing that his time is up as soon as he has no more information. He knows we want his head he walks behind the other heads all day. Some of them think that they can’t trust me but when have I shown them that they couldn’t. These goodie goods have to get of there dam high horse and open there eyes. The only truely endangering person in are group is that necromancer that cares not if we live or die and will run or betray us at a moments notice. To sum it up yes if killing for money makes me evil then call me evil but really i dont give a shit what anyone thinks and i’ll do what I want. The exceptions are that law,(can get around that), and the group comes first. Last note… aren’t the rest of my so called party filled with “good” souls killing for money, or do orcs not count as people.



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