City State Of The Invincible Overlord

The dwarf with a job.

After leaving Red Axe Inn the party ventures down to the Green Goblin Inn to find a dwarf namedThougar StoneBreaker . Upon entering the inn they see a Jerimon The White talking to Thougar StoneBreaker. Frogar approaches thougar inquiring about a job. He is told to wait. Thougar StoneBreaker finishes his talk with Jerimon and motions the frogar to come over to him. Thougar StoneBreaker asks how he heard about the job. Then says “Did Nosgar Stonebreaker tell you, is he drunk again”. They talk alittle more about deal and that they find and bring him back. The party returns to the Mindwarp Ale House To find that he is not there and may have been taken.So Lloyd Skytear decides to return to the Green Goblin Inn to inform Thougar StoneBreaker but runs into an angry mob and is accused of insulting a man daughter. Lloyd Skytear runs in fear for his life. He passed the party which decides to split up, most followLloyd Skytear but the mingles in with mob and tries to get information and tells the man that he will bring him back and to wait here. The party squabbles over what to do but the lawful side of party decide that he must go back and face his accusers. So the party returns to the mob(The mob now seeing the rest of party with Lloyd Skytear are slightly intimidated.)The Avon the Bard steps foward and tries to reason with man but the man can’t be presuaded. The kensai sees this and steps foward and ask if this about honor and shows his sword. The man back away and says “maybe it wasn’t Lloyd Skytear after all” and leaves. The party returns to the Green Goblin to tell Thougar StoneBreaker that they could find his brother. Thougar StoneBreaker tells them he might know where to find him, so they follow Thougar StoneBreaker to the Slave Market Plaza. Thougar StoneBreaker leaves the pary to find his brother.



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