City State Of The Invincible Overlord

The mighty orc hunters part 1

The next day the party ventures out into the city seeking equipment and a cart for the trek into the Dearthwood Forest. They get most of the equipment then head for the Horse trader where bern purchases a cart and a pack mule ( Jal Woodwalker loan 10 gp and wanted to name the mule). Frogar Tunk and Jal Woodwalker ask the trade to train them on how to drive the cart. The cart handling comes naturally to Frogar Tunk but jal even thou he is a druid he requires extra training from the the trader (maybe it was because he spoke to the mule and told it that it’s name was going to be Murphy.). They return to theGreen Goblin for the night to get rested up before heading out. In the morning they pick up the cart and head out the gate toward the Redoubt of the Dead then east into Dearthwood Forest. Around midday the party run into a group of orcs. Attlian cast a spell causing all but the commanding orc to fall the ground asleep. The commanding orc kicks the orcs beside him to wake them up then rushes forward meet the bard and steps on two more orcs trying to wake them. Crovian rushes up to swing at one and is struck down in a single blow. The bard trades blows with the command misesanding orc, Attlian rushes into fight and is meet with strike from a longsword dropping him to the ground. The rest of party kills the sleeping orcs, after that Beronar Odinson kills another orc coming for him. The commanding orc see this and strikes down thebard and rushes towards Beronar Odinson. Beronar Odinson looks at the commanding orc and says in orc “die” , the commanding orc convulses and falls to the ground. Beronar Odinson smirks and stabs him and kills the orc. At the same time Frogar Tunkand Jal Woodwalker before strike down and orc leaving one which drops his weapons and surrenders to them. Frogar Tunk takes a swing at the orc and says “what’s surrender “. Jal Woodwalker tries to block the swing but misses. The orc falls dead from the strike from Frogar Tunk. The party searches the orcs and cut their heads off and put them in the large sack and throws them on cart with the bard and attlian and head north for about couple hours and makes camp. While setting up camp several of the party notice a figure watching them from the forest. corvian moves to the woods away from the figure and collects fire wood. Frogar Tunk ,Jal Woodwalker and Beronar Odinson discuss if it would be a bear would do and if fire would keep it away. Frogar Tunk tells them the bear is here because he is after the orc heads and he is going to hang them up in the tree. Frogar Tunk throws the grappling hook the into the tree then ties the other end to the bag an pulls up into the tree then ties it to the tree. corvian comes back and begins to build a campfire . The creature begins move closer and they can see that it’s a bear and he’s watching crovian. crovian goes the light the campfire ,the bear comes running into the camp and stomps the campfire before corvian could light lit it and says to corvian ”NO!” [crovian]] fall back on the ground shocked. Jal Woodwalker and Frogar Tunk ,Beronar Odinson back away and ready themselves. The bear backs up and speaks them” Don’t light fire , you’ll bring more orcs if do and by the looks of your party you can’t handle them right now. You can call me Berro Heartsong Justicar Of Pholtus”. The party ask a few questions about him and his answers are vague or not at all. The party asks about the orcs and the manor house out here in Dearthwood Forest. Berro Heartsong Justicar Of Pholtus tells them that lies futher to east. The party begins to setup watches for the night. During the night a small band of orcs approaches the watch sees them coming and wake the rest of the party along with Berro Heartsong Justicar Of Pholtus. Berro Heartsong Justicar Of Pholtus gets up and the orcs see this and stop then he moves toward the and they flee. Berro Heartsong Justicar Of Pholtus stays up for last until the orcs are gone.



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