City State Of The Invincible Overlord

These people are a little strange.....

I hate being a druid when everyone always has something to say about burning down a forest or some such nonsense.I ignore it and act like I don’t care,but it really angers me.I know none of them will actually burn a forest down and what not but I would rather they not say it,it bothers me.Karma help me hold my temper,I may loose it one day.We finally restored balance to a forest a few days ago,I was extremely glad we had,I don’t know if balance will stay though.It seems as though it was only a temporary fix to the growing problem,but if it does become a problem again,Jerimon will send for us.That ranger in our party seems to be a little strange as well.He has a good heart but I have feeling he has his hand in shady dealings,but that doesn’t concern me as of now.He also took it upon himself to take one of his goblin friends from the forest we had been in and wants to take him around with us.It seems a little strange,but he has good intentions for the goblin,and hey,maybe with some training from all of us within the party he may become a competent adventurer himself.That is saying of course that everyone in our adventuring company is competent.I find people like the wizards and the bard to be particularly useless.Those mouth-breathers don’t do anything except get free gold.Except for the one that casts some strange arcane spell that seems to put creatures into a magical slumber for maybe a minute.But there are others,like the clerics of Odin,that are useful but annoying.They’re the ones that keep talking about burning forests down,so you know what I do,I do anything nature related to annoy them.For instance,one of the clerics,a half-orc,was cutting down trees,so I told him I had to hug each tree before he does anything to them.It’s nonsense!Trees do not necessarily need hugs useless of course they ask for one,in which case I would do it happily.It is really funny to hear what they say when I hug a tree,it bothers them a lot.We also have had new addition to our group,paladin,maybe he will straighten up the party a little.But at times I think he comes on a little to seriously when addressing the party,but I guess that is part of being a paladin,but I don’t know to much about them in the first place.Whatever,time to rest for tomorrow.



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