City State Of The Invincible Overlord

Were we go Odin Smiles... If ya know what I mean.

Another goes to join Odin in his hall today, a friend and comrade has died today. After our battle in the tomb with the skeletons, we ran into some vile undead being that would not pass into the netherealm. We had almost lost our lives but we retreated back to City-State where we stocked up on supplies and met up with Thougar StoneBreaker. After I told him we had been hunting Purple Claw Orcs in the forest, he told us he was going back to Jerimon the white’s farm to retreave his brother but that they wanted to join us in slaying the monsters. When they got back we finally headed out to the forest in search of more beasts, we decided to lay siege to the frontmost outpost that one of our orc prisoners had marked on our map, but what we found was something none of us were expecting.

We halted our march and proceded to make a plan for the siege while our elven scout went ahead to… well scout out the place. As he approached he saw not orcs but human, a family of human tending to a farm, he then greeted them to find out what they were doing here and WIP



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