City State Of The Invincible Overlord

Zeke the goblin

After eating in the morning corvian starts to get the party going to head back to the ant hill. Thougar StoneBreaker yells at the party ” who put you in charge! who gave you a job! who is paying you! I AM! so you are going to do what I tell you to do. we are payed to protect the worker and the estate. So today go out and watch over the workers and make sure no ants attck them. I’ll be back later to check on you and to bring you in for lunch.” The party heads out to where the workers are at filling buckets and carrying them to large barrels. The party spends much of the day watching the workers with no ant attacks. During this time Lloyd Skytear takes intrest in three small cloaked figures working in the area. To his surprise they are 3 goblins (greb,neb,zeke). Zeke talks to Lloyd Skytearand gets him to help him with his buckets. through out the day Lloyd Skytear and zeke the goblin and neb talk about what goes on, greb dislikes what Lloyd Skytear is doing and hates the bard’s singing. at the end of the day everyone returns to the bunkhouse for the night. The next day Thougar StoneBreaker comes in and tells the party that thet are going back to the eastside of estate to work. This is where most of the attacks have taken place. The party needs to go out past the workers and look for ants and stop them before they get to workers. So the party heads out but Lloyd Skytear decides to stay back with the workers and Nosgar Stonebreaker. While the party is out moving thru the woods come across some ants. Jal Woodwalker uses speak with animals and try to converse with the ants, they respond to him with “leave us get away” so party backs away and watch them. The ants get what they need from the tree and leave. The party decides go back and check on the workers. During this time another group of ants come in where the workers the are and began to swarm a tree where a worker is get syrup from a tree. Lloyd Skytear move to protect the goblins, most of the human workers flee leaving the the other worker to fend for himself. Nosgar Stonebreaker rushes to attack one of the ants, during this Lloyd Skytear rescues the worker and pulls back Nosgar Stonebreaker in a berserk rage to a better position to fight the ants. The rest of the party shows up to help and finish killing the rest of ants. After the fight the party returns to the bunkhouse.Lloyd Skytear goes up to Jerimon the white house. He is let in to see Jerimon the white. Jerimon the white is talking to the worker who was saved by Lloyd Skytear. Jerimon the white offers Lloyd Skytear a bag of gold for saving the worker. Lloyd Skytear questions Jerimon the white on the area around estate and what he wants them to do about the ants. Jerimon the white tells Lloyd Skytear that he wants them to stop the ants from attacking the estate and his workers. Jerimon the white gives Lloyd Skytear a map of the estate and the local aera. Lloyd Skytear returns to the bunkhouse and tells the party about the map and what Jerimon the white said to him.



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