City State Of The Invincible Overlord

Just another day in the woods

The party leaves the City State headed for Jerimon the white estate. They travel for full a day until coming to road splitting off headed to east that lead off into a thick forest. They follow road into clearing and come to the estate, they are greeted by Jerimon the white and are escorted to the bunkhouse for the party. The next morning the wakes to meet two of Jerimon the white workers (one dressed robes and the other in ring mail,robes) The cleric is here providing to workers and spreading the word of Odin the other illusionist is down on his luck and took this job. After talking to the party they agreed to help out. Crovian get impatient and tells the party that are wasting time with these people we have to find the ants. They leave headed to the east. After heading east or what they belived to be east (actually NE) they found ant tracks that leads into a clearing. They are cautious and slowly proceed into clearing and find more tracks leading thru the tall grass to the east. The party follows on for another 2 hours until coming upon a stream that has craved it’s way through the forest leaving a 5’ high embankment on each side of the stream. Frogar Tunk and attlian check the stream to see how deep it is, Frogar Tunk find it is to deep for him to cross. The party decidesto cut down a tree to use as a bridge. bern takes to chopping the tree down when in the middle of a swing the tip of a whip come thru the opening in his helm hitting him in the face. angered by this turns arounds to see Lloyd Skytear laughing. Beronar Odinson looks at him and tells him to “DIE”, Lloyd Skytear shutters and fall to the ground. Beronar Odinson wipes the blood from his face,walks over to Lloyd Skytear grabs his hand and spreads out flat on the ground rhen choppes off Lloyd Skytear’s thumb and finger and takes them. Beronar Odinson heals himself leaving another scar on him. He returns to choppoing the tree after a few more hits, he takes the final swing and misses and falls to the ground. Frogar Tunk steps up giggling and says ” Let me show you how to do it.” He takes swing at the with axe and goes right thru tree sending the tree crashing to the ground. Beronar Odinson looks at Frogar Tunk and shakes his head in disgust. Lloyd Skytear wakes bleeding from his hand and asks “what happen? where are my fingers”. Beronar Odinson replies ” i have them and you’re not getting them back”. The cleric of Odin binds Lloyd Skytear wounds. The party decides to cross the stream and venture on thru the grassland on the otherside. After a few hours of walking they come across 7 giant ants (3 soldiers/4 workers). The soldier ant move to attack the party. during the fight corvian and the bard struck down,2 soldier ant are killed and the third escapes with the workers headed east. The party heals up and heads east follwing the ants back to the nest. The nest is a mound of dirt 250’-300’ in diameter with columns rising 10’-15’ high. Surrounding the mound are dead trees. The party seeing this turns back and heads for the stream. The party makes it back to the stream and cross and get to the clearing and decide to camp. They make it thru the nigt, razed by a few wolves. In the morning the party heads west(what they thought was west) through the forest until they clear the forest and realize they were lost when they see hills in the distance. They head for the hills and see a road that runs north-south. they to follow it south and find it leads back to the estate. Upon returning to the estate they tell Thougar StoneBreaker what they found and where, then turn in for the night.

Nosgar the bald dwarf

Thougar StoneBreaker tells the party to wait in the Slave Market Plaza he’ll be back with his brother. Beronar Odinson seeing the slave market felt that this was wrong so he bought a slave Meldon adept of Odin. After receiving him from the slavers Beronar Odinson freed Meldon adept of Odin. Meldon adept of Odin said “thank you master” and stood their in his rags waiting to for Beronar Odinson to tell him what to do. The Kensai and Lloyd Skytear seeing this also wanted by a slaves, so they sought a slaver to buy a slave which didn’t work out. They decide to try to find out some information about the Overlord and the secret police Black Lotus. After gaining this information they left the slave market and headed to the governament building to find a job with the Black Lotus. They got a taste of City State governament run around and then finally get told to report to the sheriffs office to become deputies the next morning. Thougar StoneBreaker returns with a chain around a blad naked dwarf Nosgar Stonebreaker. Thougar StoneBreaker tells the party that he headed back to the Green Goblin. Beronar Odinson with Frogar Tunk leave the Slave Market headed to the Square of the Gods to find the Temple Of Odin. Beronar Odinson takes Meldon adept of Odin into Temple Of Odin and ask the priest to take care of him and teach him the ways of Odin and leaves headed back to the Green Goblin with Frogar Tunk who had checked out the other temples. That night everyone meets at the Green Goblin and talk to Thougar StoneBreaker to find out what they are going to do the next day. The next morning they leave City State headed to the Estate of Jerimon the white.

The dwarf with a job.

After leaving Red Axe Inn the party ventures down to the Green Goblin Inn to find a dwarf namedThougar StoneBreaker . Upon entering the inn they see a Jerimon The White talking to Thougar StoneBreaker. Frogar approaches thougar inquiring about a job. He is told to wait. Thougar StoneBreaker finishes his talk with Jerimon and motions the frogar to come over to him. Thougar StoneBreaker asks how he heard about the job. Then says “Did Nosgar Stonebreaker tell you, is he drunk again”. They talk alittle more about deal and that they find and bring him back. The party returns to the Mindwarp Ale House To find that he is not there and may have been taken.So Lloyd Skytear decides to return to the Green Goblin Inn to inform Thougar StoneBreaker but runs into an angry mob and is accused of insulting a man daughter. Lloyd Skytear runs in fear for his life. He passed the party which decides to split up, most followLloyd Skytear but the mingles in with mob and tries to get information and tells the man that he will bring him back and to wait here. The party squabbles over what to do but the lawful side of party decide that he must go back and face his accusers. So the party returns to the mob(The mob now seeing the rest of party with Lloyd Skytear are slightly intimidated.)The Avon the Bard steps foward and tries to reason with man but the man can’t be presuaded. The kensai sees this and steps foward and ask if this about honor and shows his sword. The man back away and says “maybe it wasn’t Lloyd Skytear after all” and leaves. The party returns to the Green Goblin to tell Thougar StoneBreaker that they could find his brother. Thougar StoneBreaker tells them he might know where to find him, so they follow Thougar StoneBreaker to the Slave Market Plaza. Thougar StoneBreaker leaves the pary to find his brother.

Lifes not easy being orc well half-orc.

The party wanders about the city looking for adventure in several bars and inns before finding their way into the Mindwarp Ale House. The City State best brewer of ale. Many dwarves find their way here only to leave moneyless and brainless for many days. A few party members indulge in the ale and find themselves drunk after one mug of ale.Frogar spys a fellow dwarf which motions him over calling him “Thougar StoneBreaker brother, did wee getth thhe job ”.Frogardecide to distracts him with his skills and steals from him. He then questions to find where Thougar StoneBreaker is staying. He then tells him the Green Goblin Inn before passing out and falling to the floor. Frogar returns to the party to tell the about what has found out. Corvina also tell the party of here of rumor of man dressed in white looking to hire men-at-arm over at the Red Axe Inn (Beronar Odinson was told not come in here again by Thajzi the orc-slayer. After visiting here before with the party, as you will see half-orcs aren’t always the brightess but sometimes will have moments of genius. The party ventures in to the Red Axe Inn to see no one fitting the description of man in white.Thajzi the orc-slayer seesBeronar Odinson and approaches with a few henchmen,tells him to leave or else. They escort him outside Corvina snickers in the background. While outside the Beronar Odinson tells Thajzi the orc-slayer that his cousin Corvina also has orc blood in him. Thajzi the orc-slayer storms back in,Corvina seeing him coming after him attempts to charm him but fails and he is also thrown out of the inn (Karmic justice or just a bad magic-user? will see.)

Going to town

The group of adventure make their way to City State of the Invicible Overlord. After a slight squabble over who’s paying the gate tax. They make it in to the city to find adventure.

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