Frogar Tunk

Dwarf assassin LE. Being a jerk is not they way to get around. Kills people for money but not for pleasure.


Frogar likes to have every thing in his arsonal to get the job done. Likes to be prepared because you never know when you will need something or when something will come in handy. Not the best when it comes to disquises but knows how to make a decent destraction. Carries a pick and a knife and prefers the pick because it reminds him of his home in the mountains. Wears a cloak and armor nothing special so far. Always think before you act is his motto.


When frogar was a child he never dreamed of becoming an assassin. As a child he was always into problem solving. He always wanted to become an investigator in his mountain towns guard force. He was always a bright kid but his parents where never able to afford proper schooling so he followed in his fathers foot steps for a good some years working as a miner. Years went by and life was pretty much ok, poor though his family was they always seemed to get by. One day while frogar was working one of his fellow miners hit pocket where a hiddious creatures lived. It wasn’t long before the creatures spread death and destruction amoungst frogars town. Frogar and a handful of others made it out alive, but sadly his parents did not. With out a place to call home the survivors spread out looking for jobs away from the mountains and the horrors that still laid waste to the land. Frogar had many jobs but none that he kept for long. The memories of his home town drove him to move from place to place quite often so that he could never keep a job for to long. One day while traveling to a new town a thief, that plagued the roads and towns of the near by area, stubbled upon Frogar where the theif then tried to take Frogars belongings. A battle insued and was some ended by a lucky blow to the theifs head by Frogars pick, which he keeps around for sentemental reason. Little did Frogar know that a local town guard was close by hot on the theifs trail. The guards met Frogar resting on a log with the theif’s body close by. The guards thanked him for killing the theif and payed him a reward for doing so. It was then that Frogar thought of becoming an assassin and after a few weeks time acted upon becoming one. For him it was the best job he could ask for, he wouldn’t have to stay in one place for to long and at the same time he would be able to make a living. The years that followed where not the most exciting but it was profitable. The best assasination that he is most proud of would have to be that of a crime lord of a small town that did nothing but terrorize the villagers and bring nothing but death and destruction to those in his way. The job was offered by a poor peasent that had lost his whole family to the crime lord and offered very little to take him out. It did not matter to Frogar though this kill was some what personal. It was as if he was given a choice to destroy the monsters that plagued his home town. He took the job and for the small pay and did his job well. Frogars skills are not to go untested for he is very cunning and skilled in his line of work. To this day he travels the land not in search for jobs mainly but in search for something to take his mind off the past.

Frogar Tunk

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