Lloyd Skytear

A wise old elf that has no time for most of the foolishness found in the big city.


Lloyd Skytear is a 155 year old Elven Ranger, with flowing white hair and an extremely aloof attitude. As a battle-tested veteran, he wears a seemingly unblemished ornate set of studded leather armor and an equally spotless flowing green cape. On his back is a quiver of masterfully crafted arrows. He wields a short bow, ordained with multiple elaborate carvings and appears to have taken its maker an amazing amount of time to craft.


Lloyd Skytear has sought adventure with a rag tag crew of misfits more out of boredom than necessity. He has proven his worth in life over a series of former grand adventures, and is highly regarded in his home town of Weathersby and the surrounding area of elvish settlements. Every year on the anniversary of his return from what was supposed to be his final heroic journey, the people of Weathersby hold a celebration at the local inn to honor the town’s newest elder. After several years of retirement, Lloyd unexpectedly vanished one day in search of even more treasure to add to his collection, monsters yet to be slain, and adventure still to be had.

After traveling for weeks he found himself outside of City State and located a gang of confused and poorly equipped brigands all struggling to come up with the two gold required for entry. While they may not suit the intellectual requirements Lloyd usually demands, they should provide for decent enough meat shields if nothing else.

Lloyd Skytear

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